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What’s Pouring: Sazerac makes big investment plus news from Brindiamo Group & Log Still and Playboy Spirits

Sazerac Company Making Largest Distilled Spirits-Related Investment in
Kentucky’s History with $600 Million Commitment in Laurel County

In late November, Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear announced the largest distilled spirits-related investment on record in Kentucky, as Louisville-based Sazerac Co. will invest $600 million to construct nearly 20 barrel warehouses and expand Robinson Stave and Cumberland Cooperage in London, creating up to 50 full-time jobs and supporting the company’s continued growth.

“We are delighted to expand further in Laurel County and appreciate the warm welcome given to us by the local government and the economic development authority,” Mark Brown, Sazerac president and CEO, said in a release. “We’ve invested in London-Laurel County because we know the residents are hardworking Kentuckians who take pride in their craft. Our construction of new barrel storage warehouses and expansion of our barrel cooperage operations will allow for the continued growth of Kentucky’s signature bourbon industry.”

The Sazerac Co. is acquiring the 198-acre Rowland Acres Industrial Park from the London-Laurel County Economic Development Authority to construct nearly 20 new barrel storage warehouses in Laurel County, which will create up to 50 full-time jobs. The project also includes a 72,000-square-foot expansion of Robinson Stave and Cumberland Cooperage, which Sazerac acquired in 2014, to increase production capacity for barrels used to store the company’s aging whiskies.

Work on the project is expected to begin in the coming weeks, with the first seven barrel warehouses expected to be completed in the spring of 2025.

To date, Sazerac’s investment in Kentucky has included approximately $1.2 billion invested at Buffalo Trace Distillery, the company’s primary distillery, located in Frankfort. The company’s Kentucky presence also includes Barton 1792 Distillery in Bardstown, The Glenmore Distillery in Owensboro and its headquarters in Jefferson County. For more information on Sazerac Company, visit

Brindiamo Group Adds Dedicated Rickhouse
At Log Still Distillery to Provide Enhanced Client Solutions

Brindiamo Group President and CFO Jeff Steinberg announced a major development in the company’s strategy for logistics and facilities with the addition of a new, proprietary rick house that will provide traditional company-owned storage for barrels. The rick house is located on the grounds of Log Still Distillery, which is situated on the 300-acre campus of Dant Crossing, a unique entertainment complex located in Gethsemane, KY.

Steinberg said, “We are extremely excited to announce the completion of the first Brindiamo rick house to better serve our clients with their barrel storage requirements. With a capacity of approximately 30,000 barrels, the rick house is a joint effort between Brindiamo and Log Still Distillery. It represents a milestone for our company that will dramatically expand our capabilities to directly service our clients’ needs.”

The genesis of this initial rick house came during conversations between Brindiamo’s Chairman and CEO, Jeff Hopmayer, and Wally Dant, President of Log Still Distillery and founder of Dant Crossing. Dant said, “Brindiamo Group is now providing unique strategic advantages to our team at Log Still to continually enhance operations at the distillery.”

Código 1530 and Playboy Spirits Launch
a Second Edition of Rare Hare Añejo Conejo

Award-winning Código 1530 tequila is releasing another limited edition Añejo with the iconic lifestyle brand, Playboy. This second edition of Código 1530 Rare Hare Añejo Conejo embodies the elegance and sophistication of both Código 1530 and Playboy. As a tribute to the first issue of Playboy magazine in 1953, only 1,953 bottles of this Código 1530 limited-edition release will be produced. This extremely rare second edition is part of a collaboration with Rare Hare.

Rare Hare Añejo Conejo is first aged in French White Oak Cabernet wine barrels for 18 months, then finished in French Cognac casks for an additional six months; another innovative double-barrel release from Código 1530. Tasting notes include a distinct bouquet of woody caramel and French vanilla, as well as smooth lingering flavors of light floral honey, roasted pecans, and stone fruit notes.  Each bottle is individually numbered, comes in an antiqued wooden box handcrafted in Mexico, and includes two stemmed Riedel tequila tasting glasses. This Rare Hare Añejo Conejo is bottled in a black crystal bottle with an etched logo and label.

The first collaboration between Código 1530 and Playboy Spirits was an añejo tequila finished in a Spanish Sherry barrel, producing more of a sweet dark cherry finish. This second edition, finished in a French Cognac cask, provides more complex spice notes with hints of leather and plum.  Bottled at 88 Proof (44% Alc./Volume), Rare Hare Añejo Conejo will retail for $990.00 and will be available for purchase at,, and at select purveyors of fine spirits for a limited time. 

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