Neat & Mixed Reviews

It’s review time as we (Jonathan and Brandon) give our opinion on whiskies (and other spirits) but with a twist. One of us tries it neat and the other mixed.

Stellum Black Equinox Blend #1

This inaugural release of the Equinox Blend was created using Stellum Bourbon. Their team slowly layered in rare sets of bourbon barrels, step by step, until the evening of the Vernal Equinox, when the blend was completed in honor of the changing seasons and bottled at cask strength (117.26 proof).

Chicken Cock Island Rooster Rye

Chicken Cock Whiskey Island Rooster Rum Barrel Rye starts with Chicken Cock’s Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey and is finished in Caribbean rum casks for at least six months. The brand says it was inspired by a trip to the Caribbean, where roosters announce the coming day.

Barrell Bourbon Vantage

Barrell Bourbon Vantage is a blend of straight bourbons finished in three distinct expressions of virgin oak: Mizunara, French, and toasted American oak casks. It is also the newest member of Barrell’s year-round line-up.

Remus Repeal Reserve Series VI

Remus Repeal Reserve Series VI is the latest edition in the series and features a medley of five bourbons reserves from 2008 to 2014 at Ross & Squibb Distillery (aka MGP) in Indiana. It clocks in 100 proof.

JK Williams Gold Zephyr Bourbon

JK Williams Gold Zephyr Straight Bourbon is a small batch bourbon that is aged at least 4 years and comes in at 90 proof.

Yellowstone 2022 Limited Edition

2022 Yellowstone Limited Edition is a blend of 7-year, 15-year and 16-year aged bourbons hand-selected by Master Distiller Stephen Beam and aged in Marsala Superiore casks.

15 STARS 7&15 Year Bourbon

15 STARS Bourbon is a newer brand and this is their second release – 7&15 Year Bourbon. It’s a blend of 7 & 15 year old Kentucky straight bourbons and comes in at 107 proof.