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Chattanooga Whiskey | Chattanooga, Tenn.

We welcome in Tim Piersant, co-founder/CEO of Chattanooga Whiskey, for the latest stop on our Road Trip Series. He talks about how he got into whiskey, why Chattanooga, working to get Tennessee distilling laws changed, creating their recipe, adding new products to their line-up, their distilling crew, places to visit in Chattanooga and more.

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Happy Hour Q&A with Archetype Distillery and Michael Chapyak

This week’s spotlight is on Archetype Distillery’s Michael Chapyak. Archetype Distillery was born from a passion for crafting one-of-a-kind, quality spirits. While bartending in New York and working in the healthcare industry, Michael decided he wanted a life change and moved to Colorado to begin his quest of owning and operating a bespoke distillery and social epicenter.

Hops & Spirits Kentucky

Eridanus Brewing | Russell

We welcome in Kristen and Justin Matthews, co-owners of Eridanus Brewing in Russell, Ky., for our Q&A. They talk about how Eridanus Brewing came to be, home brewing beer and tea, creating a tea and beer taproom, finding their location in Russell, renovating a historic train depot, the meaning behind their name, what folks can expect when visiting, what's next and more.