Bar Conversations

No matter how you like it, grab your favorite drink and join us for a fun conversation. Bar Conversations features interviews musicians, personalities and entertainers as they talk about their careers, new projects coming and so much more. Check out past episodes below or click on the buttons to find the podcast on your favorite player.

The Western Express on their debut album, Craigslist and dancehalls

Stephen Castillo and Phill Brush, of country band The Western Express, join us to talk about their debut album, meeting on Craigslist, their name, growing up in Texas, how they’re a team, building out the band, working with rockabilly star John Evans, playing gigs and more.

Bryan Ruby on his new single, playing baseball & his journey

Country artist and professional baseball player Bryan Ruby joins us to talk about playing baseball, balancing music and baseball, when he got into country music, his new single Left Field, upcoming EP, his organization Proud to Be in Baseball and more.

Charlie Berry on being a dad, making new music and going solo

Country artist and songwriter Charlie Berry joins us to talk about what pushed him to start a solo career, making new music, being a dad, whether his daughter is a fan of his music, how his songwriting process goes, making TikToks, going from punk rock to country and more.

Blue Dogs on their new album, their career and having their own beer

The Americana group Blue Dogs join us to talk music and beer. Band founder Bobby Houck (lead vocals) and Hank Futch (vocals/upright bass) chat with us about going into the studio for the first time in 16 years, why they made a new album, how growing up in South Carolina impacted their sound, their journey in the music industry, creating a beer with Holy City Brewing, and much more.

John Inghram on his debut solo album, Mountain Stage debut and his career

Songwriter and musician John Inghram joins us to talk about his debut solo album, making his Mountain Stage debut, how his solo music differs, his experience recording the album, how the album’s cover art happened, his journey in the music industry, going on tour and what’s next.

Kel Adore on songwriting, move to LA and her new music

Singer/songwriter Kel Adore joins us to talk about getting into the music industry, modeling, her songwriting style, sharing personal experiences, her latest singles, moving to Los Angeles and more. Plus, we kick off Spirits 101 in Tasting Notes.


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