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JD Shelburne on his latest album, growing up in Kentucky and how he got into music

JD Shelburne, chart topping country musician and Kentucky native, joins us to talk about his latest album, his journey into music, growing up in Kentucky, being a dad, how his music has evolved, what’s in store for 2022 and more. Plus, Chad Watson joins us for Tasting Notes to talk about bottom shelf bourbons and what to look for.


  • Introduction to show 
  • On this week’s “Tasting Notes”, Chad Watson, aka MyDailyBourbon on Instagram and part of the Bourbon Life crew, talks about bottom shelf bourbons and why you shouldn’t be scared to try them (starts around the 1-minute mark)

Country musician JD Shelburne joins us at the 7-minute mark.

  • Having kids and coming back to visit the University of Kentucky 
  • What are you drinking? 
  • How would you describe your music style? 
  • Can you explain how you got into music and the impact of your grandmother’s passing? 
  • How important were those days of playing in an empty church sanctuary? 
  • Who/what type of music did you grow up with or influenced you? 
  • How big of an impact did Kentucky and your hometown of Taylorsville have on you? 
  • Your journey in music, how difficult was it for you to make that jump into this being a career?
  • What pushed you to go full-time 
  • What’s it like for you to perform, because you’ve received honors for how often you play? 
  • Is there a favorite place you’ve been/played? 
  • How different is being in a club or at an event compared to say a tour? 
  • Getting to play in Kentucky and why is that so important to you? 
  • Your latest album is Straight from Kentucky, what can folks expect when they hear that? 
  • Besides a few different hairstyles, how has your music evolved over the years? 
  • Giving back, whether that’s raising money for various charities or playing back in your hometown, why is that so big for you? 
  • What can folks expect from you in 2022?

For more on JD, check out or find him on social media.

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