Jon Wolfe on Juan Lobo Tequila, his latest album and staying busy

Country artist Jon Wolfe joins us to talk about his tequila Juan Lobo Tequila, getting involved in the tequila industry, his many hobbies beyond music, going from a finance degree to the oil fields to the stage, his latest album Dos Corazones, what he loves about touring and more. Plus, Kevin Patterson joins us for Tasting Notes to talk about craft beer and the perfect pairings for grilling season.

Dane Louis on his OnlyFans Fan Club, growing up in Iowa & new music

Country artist Dane Louis joins us to talk about growing up in Iowa, moving to Nashville, his dog Otis, the OnlyFans Fan Club, a crazy photoshoot, his latest single Whiskey Wears Off, how he finds inspiration for writing and more. Plus, 911Bourbon joins us for Tasting Notes to talk about how to spot a bourbon scam.

Lane Smith on life as a bullfighter, getting into music and his latest single

Country musician Lane Smith joins us to talk about his life as a bullfighter, how one gets into that career, switching to music, growing up in South Texas, getting married, his debut EP, latest single Ain’t It Crazy and more

Nate Bergman on going solo, working with legends and his debut album

D.C.-based singer-songwriter Nate Bergman joins us to talk about going solo, being part of Lionize, working with Lee “Scratch Perry”, working on his debut album Metaphysical Change, working with some amazing collaborators, how DC impacted his love of music, going on tour and more.

Lucas Hoge on his new single, Hoge Wild and his career

Country artist and outdoorsman Lucas Hoge joins us to talk about his Sportsman Channel show Hoge Wild, traveling the world, his love of the great outdoors, growing up in a small town, getting into music, his music journey, new single Staying in Touch, supporting charities and more. Plus, Chad Watson joins us for Tasting NotesContinue reading “Lucas Hoge on his new single, Hoge Wild and his career”

Payton Howie on her debut EP, giving up softball and being on stage at age 5

Country artist Payton Howie joins us to talk about her debut EP Young Blood, how meeting Carrie Underwood at 5 impacted her career, growing up in California, her song Country Before Me, the fun behind Never Go Home, what folks can expect from her in 2022 and more.

Hayden Coffman on social media, new single and pursuing a music career

Country musician Hayden Coffman joins us to talk about making Tik Tok videos on the road, his new single Good Ol’ Boys, growing up in Tennessee, pursuing a career in music, giving up baseball, going on tour with Jacob Bryant, his many hairstyles, upcoming releases and more.

Presley Tennant on her new single, being on The Voice and finding her sound

Presley Tennant, an up and coming country artist, joins us to talk about her newest single, how being on The Voice changed her career, getting into music, writing personal songs, performing with some of country’s biggest superstars, a unique talent she has and her plans for 2022.

Tasting Notes with Alcoholic Beverage Attorney Rachel Lawson

Alcoholic beverage attorney Rachel Lawson joins us for an extended Tasting Notes. She explains the Treasury’s “Competition in the markets for Beer, Wine and Spirits Report” plus talks about what it means for the industry, potential impact and biggest takeaways.