Alcohol & Mocktails with Mocktail Club’s Pauline Idogho

Inspired by her global travels and quest to find healthy and enjoyable alternatives to alcohol, Mocktail Club founder Pauline Idogho has turned a passion project into something quite unique.

Hops & Spirits: How and why did you launch Mocktail Club
Pauline Idogho: I came up with the concept of Mocktail Club when I was expecting and wanted healthy and sophisticated non-alcoholic options and found limited options. Mocktail Club is a line of ready-to drink non-alcoholic cocktails. We recreate the complexity, nuance and boldness of a great cocktail by using savory, tart, sweet and bitter notes.

HS: How did the name come about?
PI: I wanted too people to easily find what they were looking for if they were looking for non-alcoholic options and I also wanted to feel inclusive so that people who were choosing to not drink or drink less could feel like they were part of a club or a community. We also have a subscription model where you can be part of our club and order non-alcoholic cocktails.

HS: What was it like to leave finance and get into the alcohol/non-alcohol world? 
PI: Very interesting. In finance, you get to meet entrepreneurs and evaluate projects. However, building a brand from scratch in the non-alcoholic sector has been fascinating and rewarding. The non-alcoholic sector has been growing rapidly over the last couple of years, so it has been great to be part of this growth. 

HS: How did your travels inspire the flavors Mocktail Club offers? 
PI: The idea for a new flavor starts from a feeling I want to evoke based on a travel experience. Then, the next steps are to find the right ingredients and flavor profile to create it. I also feel the fun aspects of a great cocktail  are the complexity and layers. We like to use unique ingredients such as cardamom or lemongrass that are found in different parts of the world and that bring a different perspective to the drinks.

HS: You don’t just promote Mocktail Club, but other nonalcoholic drinks, why is that so important to you? 
PI: I am a founding member of the Adult-Non-Alcoholic Board Association (ANBA).  Our key focus is building the non-alcoholic sector up so that people can always have great mindful options if they choose to drink less or decide not to drink.

HS: What can folks expect from Mocktail Club in 2022? 
PI: We expect to launch a new flavor this summer and expand our geographic footprint.

For more on Mocktail Club, check out their website and social media.

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