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Episode 57: Changing alcohol laws and what it means with policy expert Jarrett Dieterle

Jarrett Dieterle, alcohol policy expert with R Street, joins to talk about changes in alcohol laws and his book “Give Me Liberty and Give Me A Drink!”. We discuss how a dispute over airlines has impacted imports/exports with Europe, states adding to-go cocktails, internet sales of alcohol and other interesting law changes.


Jarrett Dieterle, alcohol policy expert with R Street, joins us at the 1-minute mark.

  • ONE TOUGH QUESTION (Icebreaker): Are you a go on vacation or a staycation type person?
  • So you do policy work but for the beverage world?
  • The biggest news seems to be the EU dispute being settled and some relief for export/imports in the alcohol world
  • To-go cocktails and the push for that following the pandemic 10min mark
  • Concerns make people hesitant on these changes?
  • Indiana example of how one industry can influence another
  • States having to adapt to the push for internet sales and the changing world 
  • Licensing for the alcohol world and how crazy that is (years for a distiller to get going, several licenses for a restaurant or tasting room to operate)
  • In Kentucky, we recently saw breweries get a break to do some limited self distribution, how important are laws like that?
  • What are some other interesting law issues or policy changes you all are focusing on
  • You also wrote a book, Give Me Liberty and Give Me A Drink! What made you decide to write this book?
  • My favorite part is the weird laws, what are some good ones that really blew your mind

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