Bar Conversations

Dustin Herring on his new album, working on the farm and his songwriting approach

Country artist Dustin Herring joins us to talk about working on the farm, winning the County Showdown Songwriting Competition, moving to Nashville, growing up in south Alabama, getting back to his roots, his latest album Acquired Taste, playing with his friend Brandon Wright at the Blazer 88 Benefit and more.

Hops & Spirits Kentucky

Q&A with Turtleback Ridge Brewery

In this Q&A, we chat with Keegan McGee, head brewer at Turtleback Ridge Brewery in Robertson County. Keegan talks about being part of a working farm, how the brewery became part of it, working with other farmers/growers in the area, collaborating with breweries across the state, experimenting with beer styles and flavors, being in Robertson County and what's next.

Hops & Spirits Kentucky

Q&A with Drunkwood creator John King

In this Q&A, we chat with John King, creator and founder of Drunkwood. John talks about how he got into woodworking, if he's always been creative, being a teacher, how he comes up with designs, working with bourbon barrels, his love of craft beer, being part of the Kentucky Guild of Brewers, how folks kind find his work and more.

Hops & Spirits Kentucky

Q&A with chef Mark Wombles of Heirloom and Distilled on Jefferson

In this Q&A, we chat with Mark Wombles, owner/chef of Heirloom in Midway & Distilled on Jefferson in Lexington. Mark talks about how he became a chef, going to California to learn, working with other local chefs, launching Heirloom, expanding with more restaurants, what folks can expect at each, what his roles are these days and more.