Bar Conversations

Dustin Herring on his new album, working on the farm and his songwriting approach

Country artist Dustin Herring joins us to talk about working on the farm, winning the County Showdown Songwriting Competition, moving to Nashville, growing up in south Alabama, getting back to his roots, his latest album Acquired Taste, playing with his friend Brandon Wright at the Blazer 88 Benefit and more.

Hops & Spirits Kentucky

Q&A with chef Sara Bradley

In this Q&A, we chat with Sara Bradley, owner/chef of the freight house in Paducah and runner-up Season 16 of Top Chef. Sara talks about how she became a chef, how she puts her psychology degree to use, sharing the restaurant with family, having fun on social media, what it was like on Top Chef, returning to Paducah, launching the freight house, the restaurant's booze collection and what's next for her.