Bar Conversations

EP72: Flight Night VIII with Bespoken Spirits

It’s a bourbon Flight Night as we enjoy a four different pours from Bespoken Spirits — Special Batch, American Light Whiskey, Straight Bourbon and Rye — with co-founders Stu Aaron and Martin Janousek. The crew for flight night includes: Arielle, or influensky on Instagram; and Chris, or @Jefftherabb1t on Instagram. In addition to the pours, we talk how Bespoken works to age in hours/days what others take years to do, how their disrupting the industry, the challenges they face and how much science goes into their process.


The Flight Night kicks off at the 1-minute mark with Stu and Martin.

  • Introduction of the panel
  • FIRST UP: Special Batch
  • Aging it in hours instead of years
  • How did this come about?
  • Data and using it?
  • Finding the right profile
  • SECOND UP: American Light Whiskey
  • What’s in the name Bespoken?
  • What do you all start with a white dog?
  • How much science goes into Bespoken?
  • THIRD UP: Straight Bourbon
  • Batch variety or standard batch
  • Winning awards
  • How difficult is it where you’re not able to call these bourbons, even though they might be
  • FOURTH UP: Rye Whiskey
  • How did you to meet?
  • What’s next for you all?

SHOW PARTNER: Check out Nose Your Bourbon social media and their website so you can train your nose to find the nuances in bourbon. Visit for the Original Nosing Kit, the expansion kit and more.

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