Q&A with Braxton Brewing & Graeter’s Ice Cream

Our latest Q&A features a cool collaboration with Braxton Brewing and Graeter’s Ice Cream. Jake Rouse, Co-Founder and CEO of Braxton Brewing Co., and Tim Philpott, VP of Marketing for Graeter’s, join to talk about their Smoothie Seltzer collab. We also talk about how their partnership started, how much collaboration goes into the products, whatContinue reading “Q&A with Braxton Brewing & Graeter’s Ice Cream”

Q&A presents Craft Beer Roundtable #6

This week’s spotlight our Craft Beer Roundtable as GoodBeerHunting.com’s Bryan Roth, Master Cicerone Neil Witte, and Cicerone/Beertender Lindsay Hayes all join us. We hit on a variety of topics, including is seltzer really dying or are the reports wrong, celebrity back brand issues, biggest stories/trends of 2021 and the gift you’d like to give the craft beer world.

Q&A with Paige and Ryne of Freshie Tequila Seltzer

This week’s spotlight is on Paige and Ryne Iseminger, founders/creators of Freshie Tequila Seltzer. Freshie is the first (and only) organic, non-GMO, gluten free, sparkling tequila seltzer, sustainably farmed and distilled. The drink originated as a “hair of the dog” cocktail after a little too much fun on a trip to Mexico.