Give It A Try Taste Tests

Canteen Strawberry Vodka Soda

This ready-to-drink cocktail is pretty straightforward. Plus, it’s just 99 calories with 0 sugar and 0 carbs. It’s also gluten free.

Coppercraft Pink Bubbles

This ready-to-drink cocktail brings together pomegranate and sweet cherries, mixed with lemonade and premium vodka. It’s pretty good and 10% ABV!

Rare Hare 1953 Anniversary Edition

This comes from Playboy Spirits and is a 17-year Kentucky bourbon finished in XXO Cognac casks from the Champagne region of France. Cheers.

Blood Oath Pact No 8

This is a blend by Lux Row Master Distiller John Rempe featuring three extra-aged ryed bourbons: a 14-year, an 11-year, and an 8-year finished in Calvados casks. It’s definitely worth a try.

SPIRITfruit Clementine

This is really enjoyable and not hard to see why it’s their flagship drink. Worth a try and very flavorful.

Shipwreck Wreckers Coconut Club

The coconut isn’t overpowering in this cocktail and the flavors play well together. This is a nice blend and worth a try.

Zaddy’s Corpse Reviver

This gin cocktail brings some flavor but not for my taste buds. I can see gin lovers really enjoying this though.

Fling Mai Tai

This rum canned cocktail from the folks behind Boulevard Brewing is well balanced and I like that it’s 8% ABV.

Dragon’s Milk Reserve 2022 #2

Taste Test: Dragon’s Milk Reserve 2022 #2. This is the second release in the reserve line this year and is a bourbon barrel-aged stout with stroopwafel cookies, coffee, caramel, and cinnamon. It’s a nice combination but more a dessert pour for me.

15 STARS Bourbon 14 Year

Taste Test: 15 STARS Bourbon 14 Year Batch. This is a very enjoyable pour that’s not overly oaky like an older bourbon might be. Definitely worth a try if you’re okay with the price point.

Broken Barrel Whiskey Cask Strength

Taste Test: Broken Barrel Whiskey Cask Strength. This is a solid pour and I like what Broken Barrel is doing with the staves. I enjoyed this more than the Small Batch, but the California Oak might be my favorite so far of theirs.

Rossville Union 2022 Barrel Proof Rye

Taste Test: Rossville Union 2022 Barrel Proof Rye. This comes from MGP’s Ross & Squibb and brings a lot of flavor for me. I’ve definitely become a rye fan.


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