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Q&A with Woodinville Whiskey

In this Q&A, we welcome in Ariel Jahn, a Kentucky native and the Development Manager for Woodinville Whiskey. She talks about how she got into the business, her role with Woodinville, the role of a Brand Ambassador, how a whiskey company enters a new market, working with bartenders and mixologists in a market, how tastings and events work, the history of Woodinville Whiskey, how it is a local Washington grain to glass product, their bourbons and more.

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Happy Hour with Sean Lawson

This week’s spotlight is Sean Lawson, who founded Lawson’s Finest Liquids. It started as a home-based 1bbl nanobrewery in 2008 before expanding production capacity in 2011 and 2014, then growing to include distribution across nine states in the Northeast. In 2018, Lawson’s Finest opened its popular destination Brewery, Taproom and Retail Store in central Vermont’s Mad River Valley town of Waitsfield.

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Brett Kissel on family, good drinks and how he got into music

Chart topping and award winning country artist Brett Kissel joins us to talk about the role family has played in his life, getting to travel with his kids, having his own vodka, his favorite drinks, growing up in Canada, his latest single Watch It, the collaboration with 98 Degrees, where his inspiration for a song comes from, being on stage, his next album (or is it albums?), getting back to Nashville and more.

Hops & Spirits Kentucky

Q&A with Kentucky Senator Bourbon

In this Q&A, we welcome in Damon Thayer, co-founder of Kentucky Senator Bourbon. He talks about why they got into the bourbon business, the history of the name, launching a bourbon, the history of the name, being a NDP producer, what it's been like to source bourbon, their first three releases, giving some history with each bottle, getting recognition/awards and what's next for the brand.

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Jordan Rowe on his latest single, finding inspiration for songs and working with legends

Country artist and songwriter Jordan Rowe joins us to talk about his latest single 5:00 in the Country, growing up in Georgia, the move to Nashville, being a songwriter, song ideas that come in the shower, working with some legends on his album Bad Case of the Good Ole Boy, doing tailgate shows for Luke Combs, being on stage and more.

Hops & Spirits Kentucky

Q&A with Catoctin Creek Distillery

In this Q&A, we go Beyond Kentucky as we chat with Becky Harris, co-founder/distiller of Catoctin Creek in Virginia. She talks about how she and her husband launched the distillery, her background in engineering, learning to love whiskey, why they focused on rye whiskey, sourcing regionally, the name, their fun partnerships, being a craft distillery and more.