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Happy Hour with NextDay co-founder Leigh Phillips

Welcome to our Happy Hour Question & Answer series, where we ask questions to interesting people in the alcohol world.

This week’s spotlight is NextDay and its co-founder Leigh Phillips. After careers spent in computer programming, math, law, and then management consulting, Leigh set out to build something of his own. He started NextDay, a company that believes life is for living, and creates easy-to-trust, easy-to-ingest products to help people feel great. Launched a month before the start of the pandemic, Leigh and co-founder Solomon Mangham faced unique challenges on top of starting a business. Now, NextDay is available anywhere in the US and in hundreds of locations around the country, as well as the UK, South Korea, and Dubai.

Hops & Spirits: What was it like creating NextDay?
Leigh Phillips: We had to tap into a broad and experienced network of food scientists, products from other countries, and searched for peer-reviewed scientific studies to find the right mix of ingredients. Then it took several iterations (and approximately 100,000 cans later) to really get the formula right on both function and taste. The pandemic certainly threw in a few extra hurdles, but now NextDay is ready to deliver a no jitters pick-me-up after long nights.

HS: Why/how does NextDay help with hangovers?
LP: NextDay addresses hangovers in several ways: 1) NextDay hydrates and provides electrolytes to tackle dehydration; 2) NextDay includes DHM, an ingredient scientifically proven to help the body process alcohol, reduce “hangxiety”, relieve headache and nausea — it’s an all-star!; 3) All-natural caffeine from green tea boosts energy to fight fatigue in combination with B12 which unlocks more energy from less caffeine and helps avoid the caffeine crash; 4) Our beverage also replenishes vitamins and minerals, like C to boost immunity, and Zinc and Magnesium to get the body functioning again

HS: How is this backed by science and innovation?
LP: Scientists have studied DHM (Dihydromyricetin) for its benefits in statistically significant, peer-reviewed studies. That independent research, not biased by funding or potential outcome, gives us and consumers confidence in the efficacy. Scientists also studied the vitamins and minerals in NextDay for their benefits. Our focus on innovation always starts with a source of trust.

HS: When should someone drink it?
LP: We designed NextDay for consumption when you need it most — the next day. However, we also wanted something that could be consumed whenever you need a boost (morning, afternoon, or night).

HS: How does it compare to other similar products out there?
LP: We believe NextDay combines all the elements customers are looking for to resolve their hangover – effective, trustworthy, easy to consume, and great tasting. There are other products that don’t specifically address hangovers (like hydration mixes or drinks), don’t add energy, or require you to consume before drinking. We tried to eliminate all those pain points into one single product.

HS: Where can folks purchase NextDay?
LP: NextDay is available anywhere in the US via, but also for delivery in select cities (DC, Philly, Chicago, Atlanta) on our website or via DoorDash, as well as 50+ stores and venues and growing. Our map adds new locations every week!

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