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Happy Hour with Snowy River Cocktails

We talk with Snowy River Cocktails founder Stuart Cutler. Snowy River Cocktail Co is an award-winning manufacturer of all-natural cocktail decorating products, including a large range of cocktail sugar and cocktail salt rimmers and cocktail glitters, confettis and drink colors. The company exclusively uses fruit and vegetable in the coloring of all its products, ensuring a preservative-free product that tastes great while also being gluten-free and certified Kosher.

Photo courtesy of Snowy River Cocktails

Hops & Spirits: How did Snowy River Cocktails get its start?
Stuart Cutler: Snowy River cocktail decorating products were born out of bar/restaurant demand for an all-natural cocktail decorating sugar and salt. There are a lot of artificially colored products in the market and our partners requested something new. Based upon our 20-year experience in the food and baking industries, our team set out to develop products for the cocktail industry and have launched many new products from our cocktail glitters to our recent launch of Cocktail Confetti and Cocktail Salt Flakes.
HS: Why was this something you wanted to create?
SC: We firmly believe in natural products and the removal of synthetic and artificial colors from our drinks. At the same time, a lot of bartenders are looking for new innovative ways to capture their guests attention with simply stunning cocktails. Snowy River products meet both those requirements and allow bartenders various tools to create something truly special.
HS: How does Snowy River different from other cocktail rimming salts/sugar?
SC: Snowy River cocktail decorating products are designed by bartenders for bartenders, both home and professional. We undertake rigorous testing with industry to ensure our products are natural, look amazing and are quick and simple to use. We are one of the only brands that use all natural ingredients, no synthetics or preservatives, Kosher, dairy free, GMO free and naturally colored by us using real fruit and vegetables. Our Double Gold awards at the Las Vegas Proof industry awards (judged by our industry peers) are a testament to the design and quality of our products.
HS: Can Snow River products be used in other things besides a cocktail?
SC: Definitely, our products are widely used in the cake decorating and food industries for decorating cakes, pastries, cupcakes, donuts and on many other desserts and treats. Our cocktail glitters are used in the beverage industry to add sparkle and color to non-alcoholic drinks as well as kids drinks.
HS: Why should someone use a product like this? (Whether they’re a beginner or an expert cocktail maker)
SC: Here at Snowy River, we believe that a cocktail is a full sensory experience. People drink with their eyes long before they actually taste a cocktail. So our goal is to make products that allow for the creation of simply stunning cocktails. From the look, to the color, to the texture, Snowy River cocktail products offer the range and versatility to decorate any drink.
HS: Why do you all offer decorating tips and cocktail recipes?
SC: We love supporting customers and bars make stunning cocktails. So we share many recipes and cocktail decorating ideas on our website while also designing menus for bars, special events and other corporate functions.
HS: What’s your favorite cocktail and/or drink?
SC: Oh we have many. Snowy River has designed over 200 different cocktails using its products and we design more every day for use in bars and homes across the country. Please see our recipe ideas on our website for more details.
HS: How does one go about ordering/finding Snowy River Cocktails products?
SC: Snowy River products are available from our website at, on Amazon, Walmart as well as a growing number of gift and liquor retailers across the US.

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