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What’s Pouring: Dragon’s Milk Original Small Batch to debut plus Rossville Union 2022 Barrel Proof heads to shelves and a Long John Silver’s beer

New Holland Spirits Releases
Dragon’s Milk Origin Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey

Photo courtesy of New Holland Spirits

On Saturday, April 16, New Holland Spirits of Holland, MI will officially release Origin Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey ($44.99 MSRP) as a new year-round addition to their Dragon’s Milk brand portfolio. Origin is a straight bourbon whiskey, distilled in small batches and bottled at 95 proof. This release is the first year-round bourbon with an age statement of 5 years or more for the craft distiller.

“Origin is one of the most exciting projects we’ve taken on at New Holland,” said Adam Dickerson, Brand Manager at New Holland. “We’ve been sampling this product patiently for five long years and are continually impressed by its complexity of flavor, and delicate finish. As Michigan’s oldest whiskey distiller, we are immensely proud to be able to offer this bourbon to our customers. We feel that it is a landmark moment for us as a distillery.”

The name Origin derives from the origin story of Dragon’s Milk (the parent brand for the bourbon). The original Dragon’s Milk Stout (#1 Stout by volume brewed in the U.S.A) was born from bourbon barrels and those barrels have become an integral part of the evolution of New Holland’s Brewery and Distillery. The Dragon’s Milk name has evolved from the original stout to become the parent brand to an entire portfolio of beer, bourbon and other barrel-aged endeavors.

“Every legend has an origin,” Dickerson said. “This is ours.”

Origin will be released on April 16 at New Holland’s own retail locations and will begin distribution to Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Colorado, Texas, and California on Monday, April 18.

Ross & Squibb Distillery releases Rossville Union 2022 Barrel Proof

Lawrenceburg, Indiana-based Ross & Squibb Distillery announced the launch of Rossville Union 2022 Barrel Proof, its annual, limited-release straight-rye whiskey. Set to reach retail shelves across the country starting this month, this limited allocation of 3,000 six-pack cases was bottled at 117.2 proof (58.6% ABV) and has a suggested retail price of $69.99.

Rossville Union 2022 Barrel Proof features a medley of straight-rye mash bills, distilled by one of the largest producers of rye whiskey in America – Ross & Squibb Distillery. The flavor profile includes an aroma of rye spice, vanilla, caramel, oak, and slight chocolate; forward flavors of sweet caramel and vanilla, moving to baking spices and chocolate; and a lingering finish of rye and a hint of sweet mint.

There were 82 barrels selected for this year’s release, which is displayed on each bottle of Rossville Union Barrel Proof. And for the first time, every bottle prominently features a 7-year age statement.

“Rossville Union 2022 Barrel Proof is another example of the great rye-whiskey tradition we’ve carried on at Ross & Squibb Distillery and yet another reason Indiana is the rye capital of the world,” said Ian Stirsman, master distiller at Ross & Squibb distillery. “As the popularity of rye whiskey continues to grow, we’ve selected another exceptional medley of rye mash bills to satisfy even the most discriminating tastes among the ever-growing numbers of rye-whiskey drinkers.”

Swashbockler Sets Sail at Shippingport Brewing Company

Swashbockler, the first beer brewed to pair perfectly with Long John Silver’s seafood, took its maiden voyage on April 4, 2022 at Shippingport Brewing Company just ahead of National Beer Day. Starting today, Long John Silver’s fans in Louisville, KY can get a pint of the beer to commemorate the Lenten season.

Filled with notes of fresh bread, mild honey, and a hint of lemon, rounded out with the light, malted sweetness of Long John Silver’s malt vinegar, the German-style Helles Bock beer serves as the perfect companion to wash down your crispy, crunchy, and fresh seafood dish.

“For over 50 years, Long John Silver’s has provided fries, hushpuppies, and coleslaw that pairs perfectly with our hand battered Alaskan pollock. We’re happy to add beer to that list as well,” said Bentley McBentleson, Director of Marketing at Long John Silver’s. “We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with a local brewery to create the Swashbockler beer for Long John Silver’s fans and we hope this is just the start of several sea-themed beverages.” 

Swashbockler is available now on draft at Shippingport Brewing Company and Sallyforth Taproom in Louisville and can be found in select bars throughout Kentucky. Swashbockler is only available for a limited time.

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