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What’s Pouring: Stephen Beam rekindles history with new Yellowstone release plus Mike’s Hard Freeze and Michter’s 10 Year delayed

Limestone Branch Distillery Master Distiller Stephen Beam rekindles family distilling history with the launch of Yellowstone Family Recipe

Photo courtesy of Limestone Branch Distillery

Limestone Branch Distillery is launching Yellowstone Family Recipe, a craft-distilled bourbon honoring 150 years of Beam- and Dant-family distilling traditions. The new bourbon, created by Limestone Branch Distillery Master Distiller Stephen Beam, will be available at retail in three allocations throughout 2022 – April, August and fourth quarter – with a limited total production of 6,000 cases. Bottled at 100 proof (50% ABV), Yellowstone Family Recipe will have a suggested retail price of $69.99.

With plans to be offered annually, Yellowstone Family Recipe provides a perfect complement to the Yellowstone brand family, which includes Yellowstone Select and Yellowstone Limited Edition bourbons. Consumers of Yellowstone Family Recipe can expect a nose of toasted caramel, candied nuts, tobacco and oak; a bold Kentucky straight bourbon flavor that includes citrus, toasted oak and hints of marzipan and spice; and a medium, nutty finish.

Inspired by a recipe found in notes from Beam’s grandfather, Guy Beam, and containing cloned yeast using DNA from a yeast jug belonging to Beam’s great-grandfather, Minor Case Beam, Yellowstone Family Recipe reflects the original Yellowstone Bourbon mash bill and carries its original namesake’s six-year age statement. It is this recipe that Stephen Beam has been distilling at Limestone Branch Distillery since 2015 and is now ready to share with the world.

“Yellowstone Family Recipe Bourbon is the culmination of decades of dreaming and more than 10 years of effort at the distillery. I believe bourbon lovers will enjoy drinking Yellowstone Family Recipe as much as I enjoyed recreating it,” said Beam.

For more information on Limestone Branch Distillery and Yellowstone, please visit, or

Taste the 90’s with the Launch of Mike’s® Hard Freeze

In response to fans’ love for nostalgic flavors, Mike’s Hard Lemonade is bringing back the 90’s with new Mike’s Hard Freeze: a collection of four refreshing, throwback flavors that will remind you of your favorite slushy flavors. In fact, more than 70% of consumers1 crave nostalgic flavors, reminding them of simpler times and carefree days. When it comes to maximum chill and the ultimate refreshment, new Mike’s Hard Freeze is guaranteed to blast your tastebuds with something totally new and different from the original hard lemonade expert.

“New Mike’s Hard Freeze delivers all the flavor without the brain freeze,” said John Shea, chief marketing officer, Mike’s Hard Lemonade Co. “Mike’s Hard Freeze was inspired by 90’s nostalgia with throwback flavors, colors, and packaging.  As a first for Mike’s Hard Lemonade, we crafted four refreshing, delicious and sessionable flavors to create a taste experience that brings back that 90’s nostalgia.”

All four flavors come in a 12-can variety pack. Both Blue Freeze and Red Freeze will also be available in 23.5oz. single serve cans. Mike’s Hard Freeze is 5% ABV and comes in four refreshing flavors.
• Blue Freeze: Tastes just like your favorite melted blue raspberry slushy flavor. The balance of sweetness and tartness makes it very refreshing and sessionable.
• Red Freeze: Tastes just like the classic red cherry berry slushy you remember, now liquified. Perfectly balanced sweetness and tartness for super refreshment.
• White Freeze: Inspired by an indulgent, chilled creamcicle flavor with just the right amount of sweetness and tartness.
• Pink Freeze: Tastes like your favorite frosty pink lemonade slushy. Its juicy lemonade flavor is extremely refreshing.

Michter’s 10 Year Bourbon Release Held Back Until 2023

Michter’s Distillery will be waiting until 2023 to release its 10 Year Bourbon.

“Over the more than two decades since we restarted Michter’s in Kentucky, we have had several years where we’ve chosen to hold back particular offerings,” observed Michter’s President Joseph J. Magliocco. “Our goal is to put out the greatest American whiskey. When we think something is already wonderful, but will become spectacular with a bit more aging, we have not been shy about waiting to release it. When it comes to whiskey, there’s no substitute for patience and time.”

The Louisville,KY-based distiller plans to keep the barrels originally slated to be bottled this year for one further year of aging.

Michter’s Master of Maturation Andrea Wilson stated, “Bourbon enthusiasts often tell us how much they love our 10 Year Bourbon for its depth and complexity.  While we know our Michter’s supporters will be disappointed, just know we are continuing to stay true to our philosophies of who we are as a company and as a brand by always delivering extraordinary whiskey to those who are willing to wait.”

Michter’s 10 Year Bourbon has a suggested retail price of $160 in the United States.

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