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Jacob Bryant on his new album, Opry debut and life outside of music

Country musician Jacob Bryant joins us to talk about his new album Bar Stool Preacher, making his Grand Ole Opry debut, how past life experiences shaped his music, life outside of music, what folks can expect in 2022 and more. Plus, Jake Sulek joins us for Tasting Notes to talk about cream liqueurs and how to use them in cocktails.


  • Introduction to show 
  • On this week’s “Tasting Notes”, Jake Sulek talks about cream liqueurs and how to use those in cocktails (starts around the 1-minute mark)

Country musician Jacob Bryant joins us at the 7-minute mark.

  • What are you drinking tonight? 
  • How would you describe your music style? 
  • How did growing up in North Georgia impact your music or influence you? 
  • When did you know this was something you wanted to pursue? 
  • Just recently announced that you’ll be making your Opry debut, what does it mean to play on that stage? 
  • Who/what type of music did you grow up with or influenced you? 
  • It’s often said tragedy/experiences shape a person, can you talk about that and your music? 
  • Just released Bar Stool Preacher, what can folks expect on that? 
  • How did you decide on the name for the album? 
  • How does Bar Stool Preacher compare to Practice What I Preach?
  • Going out on tour and what folks can expect 
  • Looking at your social media and reading past interviews, I feel like family is a big part of your life, can you talk about that?  
  • What’s it like being a dad? 
  • What would you be doing if you weren’t in music? Would it be a grill master?
  • Are you a foodie when on traveling?  
  • What can folks expect from you in 2022?

For more on Jacob, check out or find him on social media.

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