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Flight Night X with Spiritless Kentucky 74

It’s another Flight Night as we enjoy three different cocktails — one nonalcoholic and two halfsies — featuring Kentucky Spiritless 74 with Michael Toscano, Spiritless National Director of Trade Marketing. The crew for flight night includes Jonathan, Seth and Brandon. In addition to the cocktails, we talk about the creation of Spiritless Kentucky 74 bourbon, how it acts/plays like a bourbon, creating a nonalcoholic bourbon, what going “halfsies” means, Michael’s go-to cocktails, cocktails he doesn’t miss creating and what’s next for Spiritless.


  • Introduction to show/ no Tasting Notes this week.

Michael Toscano, former cocktail guru and Spiritless National Director of Trade Marketing, joins us from the start.

  • Introduction of the panel
  • What is Spiritless?
  • FIRST UP: Spiritless Old Fashioned
  • How were they able to get a nonalcoholic bourbon?
  • How does it act/play like a bourbon?
  • Lauren, Abbey and Lexie and Spiritless’ journey
  • SECOND UP: Whiskey Sour 
  • Go Halfsies, what is that and why?
  • Creating cocktails with Spiritless
  • THIRD UP: Hot Toddy 
  • Why did you get involved with Spiritless?
  • Expanding the brand and getting Spiritless out there?
  • Working in the industry and going sober like?
  • What’s your favorite go-to cocktail to make?
  • What’s a cocktail you hated to make?
  • What’s next for Spiritless?


Coming shortly.

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