Bar Conversations

The Nashvillains on their debut album, how they came together and enjoying a good drink

Country rockers The Nashvillains talk about enjoying a good drink, their upcoming debut album, how they came together, writing/producing songs for a variety of projects/artists/genres, what’s in store for 2022 and more. Plus, Kevin Patterson joins us for Tasting Notes to talk about beer trends in 2021 and what to expect in 2022.


  • Introduction to show
  • On this week’s “Tasting Notes”, Kevin Patterson, a Cicerone and National Beer Judge, talks about 2021 trends in craft beer and what to expect in 2022 (starts around the 1-minute mark)

Troy Johnson, Brett Boyett, and Scott Lindsey of The Nashvillains join us us at the 9-minute mark.

  •  What are you drinking?
  •  How did you all come together?
  • Did you know of one another prior?
  • The name, The Nashvillains, how did that come about? 
  • As fans of a variety of genres, how would you describe your music? 
  • What can folks expect on your debut album Tumbling down?  
  • Blending genres and working with a variety of folks 
  • What got you all into music? 
  • What music did you grow up on?  
  • Troy, writing songs for Keith Urban, The Chicks, Trace Adkins and more, what’s that like?  
  • Brett, being a music producer for TV, film and recording artists, how was that? 
  • Scott, you’ve had your on charting single, but have also written for a diverse group, how have those differed for you? 
  • For all, is there ever a song you wrote that you wish you were able to record looking back? 
  • When writing, how often do you pull from experiences or is it an idea that comes together?  
  • How do you all balance the band and continuing to write/produce for others? 
  • Did you ever expect this to be your life? If this wasn’t, what would you be doing?
  • Doing live shows on social media 
  • In addition to a new album, what can folks expect from y’all in 2022?

For more on The Nashvillains, check out or find them on social media.

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