Bar Conversations

Flight Night IX with Dragon’s Milk

It’s another Flight Night as we enjoy four different pours from New Holland Brewing/Dragon’s Milk — Dragon’s Milk White, Dragon’s Milk Original, Dragon’s Milk 2021 Reserve #3 and Beer Barrel Bourbon — with Dominique Bergquist, Brand Manager for Dragon’s Milk. The crew for flight night includes: Arielle, or influensky on Instagram; Chris, or @Jefftherabb1t on Instagram; and Seth. In addition to the pours, we talk the creating new variations of Dragon’s Milk, how they source their barrels for aging, keeping folks excited for new releases, their bourbons, how long Dragon’s Milk beers should age and more.


  • Introduction to show/ no Tasting Notes this week.

Dominique Bergquist, Brand Manager for Dragon’s Milk, joins us for Flight Night IX at the 1-minute mark. 

  • Introduction of the panel 
  • FIRST UP: Dragon’s Milk White 
  • Creating new variations of Dragon’s Milk 
  • When did it gain its own identity? 
  • SECOND UP: Dragon’s Milk 
  • How did Dragon’s Milk get started 
  • How the name came about 
  • THIRD UP: Dragon’s Milk Reserve #3 Salted Caramel 
  • Keeping folks excited about new releases 
  • What comes first, the beer or the bourbon? Or the barrel?  
  • FOURTH UP: Beer Barrel Bourbon 
  • Age of the bourbon and new releases coming? 
  • Other types of Dragon’s Milk Reserve releases? 
  • Reserve release everywhere? How much? 
  • Time stamp on the beer and how long do they last? 
  • Beer barrel finishes 
  • What’s next or coming up?

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