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Fred Minnick on bourbon, bourbon history and Repeal Day

Best selling author and bourbon taster and curator Fred Minnick talks about how he become the bourbon man he is today, his love of history and writing, his favorite interviews over the years, creating and putting on events, his favorite bourbons, the Repeal Day Expo 2021 and more. Plus, Chad Watson joins us for Tasting Notes to talk about the dos and don’ts for buying bourbon/whiskey as gifts.


  • Introduction to show/Happy Thanksgiving
  • On this week’s “Tasting Notes”, Chad Watson, aka MyDailyBourbon on Instagram and part of the Bourbon Life crew, talks about the dos, don’ts and what to do when buying bourbon/whiskey as a gift (starts around the 1-minute mark)

Fred Minnick, best selling author, bourbon curator, taster and host of The Fred Minnick Show, joins us at the 9-minute mark.

  • What are you drinking tonight?
  • How did you become this bourbon man? 
  • How has the bourbon world changed over the past decade plus?
  • Is there anything else besides bourbon and whiskey in your house? Beer? Other spirits? 
  • You’re a writer and write for multiple magazines, founded Bourbon + magazine, what is it about writing that draws you in?
  • You’ve written several best sellers, what have been your favorite ones? Or are they like kids and all of them?
  • Bringing/shining the spotlight on women in whiskey 
  • You’ve interviewed a variety of celebrities, whats the like?
  • Who has been your favorite? Is there a worst?
  • I know the Fred Minnick Show started around music, what’s on your playlist these days?
  • You helped put on the Bourbon and Beyond Festival, what’s that like?  
  • You seem to love events, you put on tastings across the country, how much fun are those and how do those work?
  • How did you come up with Repeal Day Expo last year, and this year, it is set for Dec. 4-5
  • Panels, what can folks expect with those and the event?
  • Finish this with some whiskey/bourbons
       – what’s the bourbon that got you started?
       – what’s a bourbon everyone should have on their cart/shelf?
       – what’s been your favorite pour or pours?

For more on Fred Minnick, check out For more on the Repeal Day Expo, check out

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