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Boxing legend Christy Martin on her career and her biggest fight (out of the ring)

Hall of Fame boxer and certified badass Christy Salters-Martin talks about how she got into boxing, her career, making the cover of Sports Illustrated, working with Don King, surviving a near-death domestic violence assault, sharing her story on Netflix’s Untold: Deal with the Devil, becoming a boxing promoter and more. Plus, Jake Sulek joins us for Tasting Notes to talk about food and drink pairings for the holiday season.


  • Introduction to the new format, what to expect and upcoming guests
  • On this week’s “Tasting Notes”, Jake Sulek, Beverage Director/Partner with The Professors LLC, talks about drink and food pairings for the holiday season (starts around the 2-minute mark)

Christy Salters-Martin, hall of fame boxer, promoter and domestic violence awareness advocate, joins us at 7-minute mark.

  • What are we drinking tonight? (Blood Oath Pact No 7 from LuxRow and Deep Eddy Vodka)
  • What’s your go-to drink? 
  • What was it like growing up in small town West Virginia?
  • As an athlete, what sports did you play growing up?
  • You played basketball at Concord, but eventually became this badass boxer, what were you like on the court? Or off? Was that the Wyoming County upbringing?
  • How did you get entered into that Toughman/Toughwoman Contest? Was it your idea?
  • Did you ever think you’d become a professional boxer?
  • The match on the Tyson undercard in 1996 against Deirdre Gogarty, how did that change things? SI cover and more 
  • What was it like to have people recognize you?
  • In 2016, you became the first female boxer inducted into the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame. In total, you’ve been inducted into six Halls of Fame, including the International Boxing Hall of Fame.
  • What’s your best memory of your career? Or some standout moments?
  • You’ve become a domestic violence victim’s advocate and you’ve shared your story with your former husband/trainer, why have you been so willing to do that?
  • What was it like doing interviews on your story, such as the 48 Hours The Fight of Her Life and Netflix’s Untold: Deal with the Devil documentary 
  • You’ve created Christy’s Champs that supports victims of domestic abuse, how big was that for you to help others?
  • Why is it so important for you to give back?
  • You’ve also become a boxing promoter with Christy Martin Promotions, how is that for you?
  • What’s it like putting on fight cards? You’ve got Mayhem in Myrtle on Nov 20
  • In the stories I’ve read, your degree from Concord was in education and then you have been a substitute teacher. Are you still a substitute teacher? 
  • When you look back on everything, what do you remember? Or do you just keep looking to the future?

For more on Christy Martin, including upcoming boxing cards and Christy’s Champs, check out

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