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Alcohol & Travel with Vintage Voyage’s Constance Dunn

Welcome to the Alcohol & chats, where we ask questions to interesting people in the alcohol world.

This week’s spotlight is on Constance A. Dunn, who owns and operates Vintage Voyage with Jordan Blase. Dunn and Blase bought their first ramshackle Shasta in June 2020 at the height of a global pandemic. The plan was simple: Design a beautiful travel experience that can be taken off the grid. Their campers are meant to keep people traveling, safe, and curious. Each is designed by an artist and comes with its own story.

1) How did you all come up with the idea for Vintage Voyage?
I wanted to start a company that helped get outdoors and enjoy the road during COVID that also allowed people to be self-contained. I also wanted another way to keep the people that work with my other companies working, and possibly help create another source of income. 

2) I know you all have two campers now. What was it like creating the first camper?
For me, it was hell. I am naturally a clumsy, non-mechanical person. I had to push my way through that and build some things that had to function and look good. It was hard physical and mental labor, but it kept me distracted during the shutdowns. 

3) As you all expand your campers, you worked with Goodhart Bad Art. Why did you decide to do that and how did it turn out?
Goodhart Bad Art is Louisville artist Ruth Goodhart. She was already connected to one of the companies through a talented videography we work with. I had seen her work at the Unfair and in her home and was impressed with the technical skill and the 3D works that she was crafting. I thought her particular style and respect for nature would work well as a theme for a camper. 

4) I see where you mention traveling is not just about escapism, but building your story. How do the campers help build the story?
You can choose to travel in any type of vehicle: planes, trains, cars, boats… and campers. Each one comes with its own kind of adventure. Traveling in a different way is part of creating those unique stories that build memories with family and friends, “Remember that year we rented a vintage camper…”

5) How can folks go about renting a camper and what restrictions (from where it can be taken to where you all rent).
They can book directly on our website They must have a tow vehicle that can tow at least 3,500 lbs, preferably 5,000 lbs. They must also have a tow hitch. They can tow the Mothership anywhere they want! She has visited every national and state park since last spring. The RIP is currently delivery only and can be delivered within 50 miles of our location in Louisville. The best way to learn more is to reach out via our website with questions. A lot of renters are first time campers and they always report having a great time. 

Visit for more information or find Vintage Voyage on Facebook and Instagram.

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