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Episode 69: Diversifying breweries, brand extensions, unique partnerships and using social media on Craft Beer Roundtable #5

It’s time for the Craft Beer Roundtable as’s Bryan Roth and founder Doug Veliky join us. We hit on a variety of topics, including how craft breweries are diversifying and should small/local craft brewers do the same, brand extensions and refreshers, unique partnerships happening more often and how breweries can better engage through social media.


It’s our fifth Craft Beer Roundtable and our panel includes: Jonathan Greene, host of Hops & Spirits; Bryan Roth, editor and writer at Good Beer Hunting and director of the North American Guild of Beer Writers; and Doug Veliky, chief strategy office for Revolution Brewing and founder of

SHOW PARTNER: Check out Nose Your Bourbon social media and their website so you can train your nose to find the nuances in bourbon. Visit for the Original Nosing Kit, the expansion kit and more.

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