Bar Conversations

Episode 68: Touring distilleries and creating memories with the Kentucky Bourbon Boys

Whiskey Weeks 2021 closes out with Laura Hagan, co-owner/founder of KY Bourbon Boys Tours, and long-time drivers Anthony and Roger. We talk about bourbon, how customizable tours are, tips for the tours, dos & don’ts on the tours, memorable groups, how much they’ve had to learn about Kentucky and bourbon to give the tours and more.


The crew from Kentucky Bourbon Boys tours joins us at the 1-minute mark as Whiskey Weeks 2021 concludes.

  • Tell us about yourselves and how you got into bourbon?
  • Did this idea start with you Laura and trip with family/friends?
  • What did you have to study/learn to be able to give a tour?
  • Talk about your tours for a little bit and what you offer?
  • How customizable are the tours?
  • Do you have to stay in a certain area for the tours?
  • What’s some dos and don’ts for tours that people need to remember?
  • Tips for folks planning a trip on the bourbon trail/Kentucky distilleries 
  • What are some memorable moments/stories each of you can share?
  • How has the pandemic changed things for you all 
  • What are the most popular request of distilleries to visit? 
  • If people want to know more about your tours and what you offer and how to book where would they do it?

SHOW PARTNER: Check out Nose Your Bourbon social media and their website so you can train your nose to find the nuances in bourbon. Visit for the Original Nosing Kit, the expansion kit and more.

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