Bar Conversations

Episode 64: 2 o’clock chuggz and popping bottles with Dan Kidd

We kick off Whiskey Weeks 2021 with Dan Kidd, a.k.a. Heavy Bourbon, on how the two o’clock chuggz got started, creating fun bourbon videos, releasing a bourbon, how he stays active with all the chuggz, the coolest thing he’s experienced so far and more.


Dan Kidd, better known as Heavy Bourbon, joins us at the 1-minute mark to kick off Whiskey Weeks 2021.

  • ONE TOUGH QUESTION (Icebreaker): What’s your favorite non-alcoholic beverage?
  • What’s in the name Heavy Bourbon?
  • How did Two O’Clock Chuggz start and why?
  • What’s the weirdest chug you’ve done? Most expensive?
  • Like to have a good time, talk to me about some of the parodies you’ve done? My Bourbon; Pokemon Gotta Chug Them All; The Bourbon Bunch
  • Turning all of this into actual bourbon in a bottle with Krogman’s
  • And now you’ve got a second release out and a third in progress?
  • Is there ever a bad time to chug? Even after a race?
  • In your everyday life, you’re pretty active dude. I think I’ve seen mountain biking, triathlons?
  • And how short of shorts did you were during the triathlon man…
  • You also have the Chug line of merchandise
  • Did you ever think all of this would happen?
  • What’s the coolest thing to come from all of this?

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