Bar Conversations

Episode 61: Hockey and tequila with Chris Chelios

A living legend joins us to hockey and tequila. Chris Chelios, co-founder El Bandido Yankee Tequila and Hockey Hall of Famer, talks about the launch of El Bandido, how he came to love tequila, the differences between hockey and business, his favorite memories from his Stanley Cup (x3) career, what’s next for him, what’s next for El Bandido and so much more.


Chris Chelios, co-founder El Bandido Yankee Tequila and Hockey Hall of Famer, joins us for a great conversation.

  • ONE TOUGH QUESTION (Icebreaker): If you could only root for professional teams from one city, what city would that be?
  • How did you get into the tequila business?
  • How different has this been than being in the hospitality industry?
  • What’s in the name El Bandido Yankee?
  • How did you all come to work with Master Distiller Karina Rojo?
  • Why go the all-natural, additive free route?
  • You all oxygenate the tequila to get its signature finish, why?
  • Live bold, share generously line
  • Giving back to the region in Mexico where this is produced?
  • How did you find your partner?
  • Explain the two tequilas and how they differ
  • What was it like playing in the NHL?
  • Winning the Stanley Cup three times
  • What moments stand out in your hockey career?
  • What’s harder, playing in the NHL or the business world?
  • What’s next for El Bandido Yankee Tequila?
  • What’s next for you?

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