Bar Conversations

Episode 60: Under the Influence of Craft Beer Roundtable #4

We are Under the Influence of Craft Beer this roundtable as’s Bryan Roth, Master Cicerone Neil Witte, founder Doug Veliky and Cicerone/Beertender Lindsay Hayes all join us. We hit on a variety of topics, including NFTs and their future in the craft beer world, will seltzerys ever be a thing, will big companies ever go on a buying spree again and craft breweries and food.


It’s our fourth Under the Influence Roundtable Series and our focus is craft beer. Panel includes: Jonathan Greene, host of Hops & Spirits; Bryan Roth, editor and writer at Good Beer Hunting and director of the North American Guild of Beer Writers; Neil Witte, Master Cicerone, and Owner/Founder of TapStar and Craft Quality Solutions; Doug Veliky, chief strategy office for Revolution Brewing and founder of; and Lindsay Hayes, Cicerone and beertender.

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