Bar Conversations

Episode 58: Bourbon, whiskey and moonshine with Ole Smoky’s Robert Hall

Everyone has heard of Ole Smoky Moonshine from Gatlinburg, Tennessee, but did you know they have a bourbon? Robert Hall, CEO for Ole Smoky Distillery, joins us to talk about the launch of James Ownby Reserve Tennessee Bourbon, Ole Smoky’s flavored whiskey and moonshines, how they keep up with demand, launching new products, how their 4 million visitors impact their releases, expansion and what’s next.


Robert Hall, CEO, Ole Smoky Distillery, joins us at the 1-minute mark.

  • ONE TOUGH QUESTION (Icebreaker): What’s your favorite non-alcoholic beverage?
  • How did you become part of Ole Smoky?
  • Why did you all start with Moonshine?
  • Launching James Ownby Reserve Tennessee Bourbon
  • Making flavored whiskey?
  • Have you always been making whiskey? 
  • And has it been used in the flavored whiskey?
  • Did the Davy Crockett Whiskey and distillery purchase play a role in this?
  • Will more whiskey releases happen?
  • Ole Smoky not part of main name of Owbby
  • Price points on your whiskies and moonshine
  • How do you come up with your flavored releases?
  • Wildest release that worked
  • Being the most visited distillery in the US
  • Opening multiple distillery locations in Tennessee
  • Expanding your facilities to keep up with demand?
  • What’s next for you all?

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