Bar Conversations

Episode 54: Grains and their impact on whiskey with Middle West Spirits’ Ryan Lang

Ryan Lang, co-founder/head distiller of Middle West Spirits in Columbus, Ohio, joins us to talk about the impact grain selection has on whiskey. Ryan talks about what grain to glass means, how they selected their grains, how the weather impacts the grain, adding grains to the mash, using grains for other spirits and more.


Ryan Lang, co-founder and head distiller of Middle West Spirits in Columbus, Ohio, joins at the 1-minute mark.

  • ONE TOUGH QUESTION (Icebreaker): Did you do any extracurricular activities in school? (i.e. clubs, athletics, chorus)
  • What’s new at Middle West?
  • Being able to do more single barrels and group/store picks
  • What is grain to glass? You all do it and regionally.
  • Let’s talk about grains and deciding what to use
  • How does where the grains come from effect things? Does it matter?
  • How did you all go about picking the soft red winter wheat?
  • Once you pick the grains, what happens next?
  • Does the type of grain or grains used effect the process?
  • How you add the grains to the mash matter?
  • How does the process finish from there?
  • What happens to the used grains?
  • Grains for your variety of products, gin, vodka and whiskies?
  • The Boilermaker Series 
  • Experimenting and being able to get creative 
  • Always learning and picking things up 
  • What’s next for you all?

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