Bar Conversations

Episode 53: Summer cocktails and summer beers with Jake Sulek and Kevin Patterson

We learn about both hops and spirits this week with cocktails and beers. Jake Sulek, beverage director at West Main Crafting Co in Lexington, Ky., talks about crafting cocktails for the summer, bars opening up again, cocktail recipes for all of us to try at home and more. Plus, Kevin Patterson, a Cicerone and National Beer Judge, joins us to talk about summer beers, how hop varieties have changed beers, breweries worth checking out and more.


Jake Sulek, Beverage Director at West Main Crafting Co in Lexington, Kentucky, joins us at the 1-minute mark.

  • ONE TOUGH QUESTION: Did you bring your lunch or pack a lunch for school?
  • What’s your favorite part about being a bartender these days?
  • With summer here, what are some things folks should expect to see with seasonal cocktails?
  • One or two cocktail at home recipes (single make)
  • Large batch cocktail folks can make (for gatherings)
  • what to watch out for in rum
  • Is there any ingredient that might sound like summer that people should might not want to use?
  • If people want to substitute an ingredient/switch out, is there a best practice for that in cocktails?
  • Any other tips for folks this summer?

Kevin Patterson, a Cicerone, National Beer Judge and the manager of the Beer Trappe Craft Beer Store and Bar in Lexington, Kentucky, joins us at the 17-minute mark.

  • ONE TOUGH QUESTION: Did you pack your lunch or get lunch at school?
  • What can people expect with summer beers?
  • What trends are you seeing with summer beers?
  • What are people buying these days?
  • Bigger brands mixing things up with releases?
  • What is moving off the shelves at the bar/store?
  • How has the hop varieties changed beer? (17ish mark good clip)
  • While fruited beers might be lighter, not all are low ABV
  • What are some breweries or beers people should be on the lookout for?
  • What’s it like to have a full bar again?
  • Are you able to still do judging for festivals?

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