Bar Conversations

Episode 52: How to start a whiskey collection with MyDailyBourbon’s Chad Watson

Have you ever wondered how to start a whiskey/bourbon collection? Chad Watson, better known as MyDailyBourbon on Instagram, gives you the best practices to do just that. Learn what are good bottles to start with, what to avoid, why you should enjoy your bottles and more.


Chad Watson, better known as My Daily Bourbon on Instagram, joins at the 1-minute mark to talk about building your whiskey collection.

  • ONE TOUGH QUESTION (Icebreaker): What was your worst subject in school or class you hated?
  • How/why did you start the MyDailyBourbon Instagram?
  • What’s your bourbon journey been like? Always love it?
  • What’s one of the coolest/best parts about being in the bourbon world?
  • Starting a whiskey collection, rule 1?
  • Some good bottles to start with?
  • Finding your taste?
  • Store picks, what are those?
  • Trade bottles?
  • Enjoy the bottles?
  • Anything to avoid doing?
  • Final thoughts

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