Bar Conversations

Episode 50: Flight Night V with Breckenridge Distillery’s Bryan Nolt

It’s a bourbon Flight Night as we enjoy a four varieties of Breckenridge Distillery and talk with owner/founder Bryan Nolt. The crew for flight night includes: D. or the @vabourbonhunter on Instagram; and A, @influensky on Instagram. We enjoy their Bourbon Whiskey, PX Cask Finish, Rum Cask Finish and High Blend Proof.


Bryan Nolt, owner/founder of Breckenridge Distillery in Colorado, joins us for Flight Night V.

  • Introduction of the panel
  • ONE TOUGH QUESTION: With summer almost here, are you going to the pool or the river/lake?
  • FIRST UP: Bourbon Whiskey
  • Bryan, you’re still a practicing physician?
  • What made you start a distillery?
  • SECOND UP: PX Cask Finish
  • Winning awards, not only for the bourbons, but your space and bar manager
  • THIRD UP: Rum Cask Finish
  • Your setup and distilling system
  • Scotch club and how it impacted Breckenridge
  • Selling the house to keep things going
  • FOURTH UP: High Proof Blend
  • Doing multiple finishes
  • Does your love of art impact what you make?
  • Taking risks
  • Favorite bottle and distillery?
  • What’s next for Breckenridge?
  • What’s it like being creative?

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