Bar Conversations

Episode 49: Using hemp with Highway Vodka’s Ben Williams

Ben Williams, owner/co-founder of Highway Vodka, joins us to talk about using hemp seed in vodka, how charity plays an important role, working with family, navigating the legal side, what’s next and more.


Ben Williams, owner/co-founder of Highway Vodka, joins us at the 1-minute mark.

  • ONE TOUGH QUESTION (Icebreaker): Are you driving with the windows down during the summer or blasting the AC?
  • How did you all start Highway Vodka?
  • Homebrewing vodka? How does that work?
  • Why go with a hemp seed vodka?
  • How did you all come up with the name?
  • What’s it like to be part of the the Nearest & Jack Advancement Initiative, a collaboration between Jack Daniel’s and the Nearest Green Distillery. The program is designed to promote diversity and advance African-American leadership in the American spirits industry.
  • Battling the legality and the process
  • What does it mean to be the first fully Black-owned distillery in Texas
  •  Why is charity a big part of Highway and what role does that play?
  • Winning awards (Highway Vodka was recently awarded the Denver international spirits competition gold medal)
  • How is it working with family?
  • Where is Highway Vodka available?
  • What’s next for you all?

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