Bar Conversations

Episode 48: For the home bar with Hella Cocktail’s Eddie Simeon and Draft Top’s Sean Kelly

Learn about some cool products for the home bar this week with Eddie Simeon of Hella Cocktail Co. and Draft Top’s Sean Kelly. Eddie, co-founder and CMO for Hella, talks about how Hella Cocktail got its start, making their products in small batches, their product line, how they got their name and more. Sean, co-founder and executive beer drinker of Draft Top, chats about what the Draft Top is, how they came to produce it, the advantages of taking the top off, being on Shark Tank and more. Also, Eddie gives listeners a great discount code for Hella Cocktail.


Eddie Simeon is the co-founder and CMO for Hella Cocktail Co. and he joins at the 1-minute mark.

  • ONE TOUGH QUESTION: If you’re grilling out, what’s on the grill? 
  • What is Hella Cocktail?
  • How do you all meet and start the company?
  • What’s in the name?
  • Why did you all decide to make each product in small batches?
  • Why do the Bitters & Soda? And the products you do?
  • What’s your go to drink when out and about?
  • What’s next for Hella Cocktail?
  • Don’t forget to use hellagood15 on their website, for a great discount! 

Sean Kelly is the co-founder and executive beer dinker of Draft Top, LCC. He helped to invent Draft Top, the world’s first can opener designed specifically for beverage cans. He joins us at the 29-minute mark.

  • ONE TOUGH QUESTION: If you’re grilling out, what’s on the grill? 
  • What is draft top?
  • Why did you all decide to create something like this?
  • How does it work?
  • Obviously there are advantages to taking the top off of beer, as you can do cocktails and even put an orange or a lime in there, 
  • Your beer journey? 10 minute mark clip
  • How did you and Armand (Ar-mend) meet? 
  • And how long did it take to get this to work?
  • What was it like being Shark Tank?
  • What’s in the name?
  • What’s next for Draft Top?

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