Bar Conversations

Episode 42: Still Austin Whiskey Co.’s Chris Seals and John Schrepel

Chris Seals, CEO of Still Austin, and John Schrepel, head distiller, join us to talk about the Texas-based distillery, how they got started, their unique process for crafting spirits, how the Texas heat plays a role in the aging, what’s next and so much more.


Chris Seals, CEO of Still Austin, and John Schrepel, head distiller for Still Austin, join us at the 1-minute mark.

  • ONE TOUGH QUESTION: What did you want to be when you were growing up?
  • For Chris, working with your father and others to launch Still Austin Whiskey Company
  • For Chris, how did past experiences influence you and Still Austin
  • For John, how did you end up in Texas as a New York guy?
  • What is Nancy and why this one-of-a-kind 42 foot tall Scottish-made still?
  • Why the process of slow water reduction while the barrels of bourbon mature? Few choose to do it this way.
  • For John, what was it like transitioning from a colder region to adjusting to the Texas heat? And what does the Texas climate do to the aging?
  • For Chris, sustainability is also a big part of the operations
  • The labels on the The Musician and The Naturalist
  • The Musician is finally out on the market and its aged at least two years
  • The Naturalist, which is the first rye-based gin made in Texas, got a recent new look. You all also were named the Texas Gin Distillery of the Year
  • For John, what’s it like being mentored by and working with legends Nancy “The Nose” Fraley and Mike Delavante?
  • What’s next for Still Austin?

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