Bar Conversations

Episode 41: Flight Night III with Braxton Brewing

It’s our third Flight Night as we enjoy three varieties from Braxton Brewing and talk with Evan Rouse, co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer for Braxton. The crew for the craft beer flight night includes: Kindsey Bernhard from @boysarefrommarzen on Instagram; and Seth Hendrix from @onesipbeerreview on Instagram.


Evan Rouse, co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer for Braxton Brewing in Northern Kentucky (Greater Cincinnati area), joins the Flight Night beer crew.

  • Intros
  • BEER 1: Garage
  • ONE TOUGH QUESTION (Icebreaker): What is the one thing you really miss that you didn’t think you would?
  • How did Braxton get started?
  • What is the name in reference to?
  • Did you really tell your dad at 16 that you all would brew together?
  • BEER 2: HopFit
  • Different cans and the can design 
  • The Vive Brand and making seltzers back in 2018?
  • Variety pack toolbox back in 2018
  • Any style or type of beer you don’t make?
  • BEER 3: Scooter 
  • How did you all end up with the Labs location and expand into Cincy?
  • How is it working with family everyday?
  • Being named to Forbes 30 under 30 for Food & Drink 
  • Bringing Covington back to life 
  • Scaling and remaking home brews?
  • What’s next

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