Q&A: Questions & Alcohol

It’s a pretty straightforward weekly Q&A — we ask the questions and they talk about the alcohol. From drinks to food to art, listen to the stories of some of your favorite brewers, distillers, chefs, artists, authors, brands and more. Our main focus is on Kentucky, but we’ll go beyond the state each month too.

Q&A with Castle & Key

In this Q&A, we chat with Castle & Key Distillery’s Head Blender Brett Connors. Brett talks about how his role has evolved at Castle & Key, what a head blender does, how his art history degree came into play at the distillery, the long and amazing history of the site, their Restoration Rye, their first bourbon releases, what’s next and more.

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Q&A with the Inebriated Baker

In this Q&A, we chat with Danielle Rowell, owner/founder of Inebriated Baker and Inebriated Chef. She joins us to talk about how she started the Inebriated Baker, who Cletus is (the logo), the difficulty of baking with booze, how her boozy cupcakes differ from others, the many boozy options she has now, the perks of a storefront and more.

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Q&A with Rogue Spirits

In this Q&A, we chat with Rogue Spirits Director of Spirits John Christie as we go Beyond Kentucky. John talks about how Rogue Spirits got its start, how closely tied they are with Rogue Ales, aging whiskey on the Pacific Coast, their whiskies, their other spirits, new canned cocktails and what’s next for them.

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Q&A with Thomas Woodworking

Our latest Q&A is with Tara Jo and Josh from Thomas Woodworking. They talk about how they create unique jewelry and custom items from bourbon barrels. We also chat about how they got started in woodworking, coming up with their designs, sourcing barrels, what it’s like using barrels, their favorite drinks and more.

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Q&A with MadTree Brewing

Our latest Q&A is with MadTree Brewing in Cincinnati as we go slightly Beyond Kentucky. We’re joined by MadTree’s Rhiannon Hoeweler and Trevor Self for an Earth Day special. They talk about how MadTree gives back to the community, their commitment to deliver $5 million of impact, their sustainability efforts, their new Alcove location, Sway by MadTree canned cocktails and more.

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Q&A with Sig Luscher Brewing

In this Q&A, we chat with Tim Luscher, co-owner of Sig Luscher, and Dylan Greenwood, brewmaster at Sig Luscher. They join us to talk about the Kentucky Common, the upcoming Commonfest in Frankfort, their love of historical beers, brewing throwback recipes, what’s new at the brewery, sharing stories of Sig and more.

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