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Alcohol & Chocolate with Bixby Chocolate founder Kate McAleer

We talk with Bixby Chocolate founder Kate McAleer who recently teamed up with Allagash Brewing to create Beer Brittle. Kate McAleer, brainchild of this product collaboration, said “Bixby was seeking a way to innovate a new brittle concept and craft beer seemed like a wonderful addition to the flavor profile. Allagash was our dream partner—we started R+D with Allagash White and grew the concept from there.”

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Alcohol & Gifts with True Cubes co-founder Doug Allan

This week’s spotlight is on True Cubes co-founder Doug Allan. While earning his MBA, Doug co-founded a successful wine packaging company with two classmates. Stacked Wines, a patented single-serve wine package, was a revolutionary package that gained national distribution and press. Doug has also workedwith wine brands such as Chateau Montelena Winery, Seghesio Family Vineyard, Kendall-Jackson, La Crema and many others. Bringing innovations to life–from ideation to market success–is Doug’s knack.

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Alcohol & Travel with Vintage Voyage’s Constance Dunn

This week’s spotlight is on Constance A. Dunn, who owns and operates Vintage Voyage with Jordan Blase. Dunn and Blase bought their first ramshackle Shasta in June 2020 at the height of a global pandemic. The plan was simple: Design a beautiful travel experience that can be taken off the grid. Their campers are meant to keep people traveling, safe, and curious. Each is designed by an artist and comes with its own story.